Design and Visual Effects

Our design, AI, and visual effects studio is a leader in its field having won, or been part of, multiple BAFA and Emmy-winning productions. It was founded by former members of Pixar and Weta.

Our teams have a wealth of leading creators in 4K and 8K VFX production. The artists and animators have an international reputation across theatrical film, TV, and the gaming industry. They employ cutting edge immersive and 3D art systems to involve audiences in narratives that cannot be communicated in any other way.

We are integrating AI across all of Atlantic studios. The tools transport audiences back to the realms of the first creatures of the planet with David Attenborough, through black holes with Stephen Hawking, inside the human body for a pregnancy app, to the bottom of the ocean scanning the Titanic, and creating a vision of the future city Neom. We  collaborate with Meta, Google, Apple, Museums and Institutions across the world, and governments.