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The Wildest Dream: Conquest of Everest

About The Wildest Dream

In 1924 mountaineer George Mallory was torn between love for his wife Ruth, and his obsession with the last great adventure left to man: becoming the first person to reach the summit of the untouched Mount Everest. Dressed in gabardine and wearing hobnailed boots, Mallory risked everything in pursuit of his dream, but was last seen alive 800 feet below the summit.

After discovering Mallory’s body on Everest in 1999, modern climber Conrad Anker’s life became intertwined with Mallory’s story. Remarkably, Mallory’s body was found with all his belongings intact – the only thing missing was a photograph of Ruth, which Mallory had promised to place on the summit. Haunted by Mallory’s story, Conrad now returns to Everest to discover the truth about this compelling and gilded man from a bygone era and to unravel the mysteries surrounding his disappearance.

This theatrical feature documentary, narrated by Liam Neeson and featuring the voices of Ralph Fiennes, Natasha Richardson, Hugh Dancy, and Alan Rickman, combines dramatic reconstructions to piece together the mysterious tale of Mallory – one of love, glory, and tragedy.

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Anthony Geffen


Liam Neeson

Featured Voices

Ralph Fiennes
Natasha Richardson
Hugh Dancy
Alan Rickman


Peter Miller

Directors of Photography

Ken Sauls
Chris Openshaw


Anthony Geffen
Claudia Perkins

Executive Producer

Mike Medavoy

Edit Producer and Writer

Mark Halliley

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Aleid Channing
Candice Martin


Joel Douek

Art Director

Humphrey Bangham

Costume Designer

Jane Wrigley


Conrad Anker
Susan Robertson
Robert Macfarlane
Peter Gillman
Jennifer Loew-Anker
Julie Summers
Leo Houlding

Historical Consultants

Peter and Leni Gillman

Business and Legal Affairs

Mimi Gilligan


James McNeile


Angus Nisbet

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Lisa Truitt
Mark Katz
Antonietta Monteleone
Jennifer Lee
Nikki Lowry
Valerie Stempler

Consultant Executive Producer

Greg Moyer

Consultant Coproducers

Mark DeAngelis
Rob Faris

Assistant Producer

Kate Fraser

Head of Production

Ruth Sessions

Drama Development

Petra Tauscher

Development Executive

James Taylor

Production Manager

Nicola Wicks

Production Coordinator

Jane Flannery

Production Assistant

Alex Willis-Bray

Sponsorship Manager

Kirsten Wrigley

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Carole D. Foster

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Kevin Maher

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Vincent Pretorius

Personal Assistants to Anthony Geffen

Adrienne Brown
Poppie Skold
Tess Thomson

Expedition Manager

Russell Brice (Everest)

Climber and Filming Support

Gerry Moffatt (Everest)

Support Climber

Kevin Thaw (Everest)
Stuart MacDonald (Chamonix)

Director of Photography

Ken Sauls (Everest)
Chris Openshaw (Chamonix)

Drama Director

Tom Pollock (Chamonix)

First Assistant Director

David Lawley-Wakelin (Chamonix)

Low Altitude Camera

Peter Hayns (Everest)
Peter Allibone (Everest)

High Altitude Camera & Stills Photographer

Jimmy Chin (Everest)

Additional Altitude Filming

Deam Staples (Everest)
Mark Woodward (Everest)


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Chris Barham (UK)
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Mike Robinson (UK)
Stephen Vale (UK)

Assistant Camera

Max Hug-Williams (Chamonix)
Scott Sterling (Montana)
David Prevost (UK)
Andy Symon (UK)
Luke Jefferson (UK)
Tim Allan (UK)


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Mike Duffield (Chamonix)
Jeremiah Slovarp (Montana)
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Cameron Hills (UK)
Malcolm Hirst (UK)
Geoff Price (UK)
Cormac Tohill (UK)
Mike Williams (UK)


Mingma Dorji Sherpa (Head Sherpa)
Nigma Sherpa
Mingma Tsering Sherpa
Lakpa Ongjuk Sherpa
Gyaluk Sherpa
Jangbu Sherpa
Gombu Sherpa
Phuru Nuru Sherpa
Nigma Sherpa
Mingma Tsering Sherpa
Lakpa Ongjuk Sherpa
Gyaluk Sherpa
Jangbu Sherpa
Gombu Sherpa
Phuru Nuru Sherpa

Base Camp Staff Everest

Lachlu Bahadur Basnet
Rames Kumar Basnet
Kul Bahadar Magar

Unit Doctor Everest

Monica Piris

Web Technician Everest

Mark Kahrl

Props Everest

Tom Jungst

Costume Everest

Chris Winter
Dickie Knight
K & D Boot Makers

Mountain Guides

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Jim Kerr (Chamonix)

Porters Chamonix

Tim Rhodes
Pema Sherpa
Nick Yates

Unit Manager Chamonix

Christine Baxter-Jones

Transport Captain/Runner Chamonix

Neil Brickley

Unit Doctor Chamonix

Gael Vallençant

Make up Artist Chamonix

Natasha Lawes

Storyboard Artist Chamonix

Rob Angol

Stills Photographer Chamonix

Sam Peach

Studio Gaffer UK

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Rigging Gaffer UK

John Barker

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Caesar Bayliss
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Thomas Foulger

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Rosalind Wyatt

Make up and Wardrobe UK

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Effects Supervisor UK

Paul Mann

Model Makers

Mats Rivenes
Jonathan Beakes
Fiona Mordaunt

Art Department Assistant

Charlie Bangham


James Prosser
Thomas Baber
Marty Waters
Matt Baker Jones
Jon Burden
Simon Reid
Phinnaeus O’Connor
Anelia Asparuhova
Aleks Czenczek
Dasha Legge
Martin Cook

Legal Services

Adrian Phillips, Moorcrofts LLP


Torrible Special Risks


Saffery Champness

Dubbing Mixer

Graham Kirkman


Nick Adams

Online Editors

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Ben Heather

Supervising Sound Editor

Robert Brazier

Foley Artists

Rowena Wilkinson
Sue Harding

Post Production Facilities


Post Producer (Evolutions)

Richard Knights

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Robbie Wood

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Chris King

Archive Photographer

Herman Haye

Featured Photographer

Lisbeth Scott


Greg Pliska

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Gary Chester

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Maki Suzuki


CNSO Prague


Prague Philarmonic

Solo Violin

Meg Okura

Ethnic Flutes

David Weiss

Nepali Translator

Kharka Pariyar

‘Edge of Heaven’ Song

Lisbeth Scott & Joel Douek
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Gary Maurer
Adam Moseley
David Eggar
Gownaus Radio Orchestra


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