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Life Before Birth VR

About Life Before Birth

Life Before Birth enables clinicians to give expectant parents a unique insight into antenatal phenomena

This immersive and interactive experience transports parents inside the womb to witness the formation of their child; to educate about key developmental stages and the importance of vital medical examinations.

Developed with New Frontiers Ltd in collaboration with Atlantic – Life Before Birth gives parents an informative and magical insight into one of the most life-changing journeys they’ll face.

The user can explore and interact with the growing foetus – meaning they can zone in on various moments of development important to them, creating a tailored experience that is unique to VR platforms.

This project harnessed the power of the Unreal Engine’s most recent developments in real-time rendering and ray-tracing to create a breathtakingly high-end experience.

Our teams worked hard, creating medically accurate, realistic 3D models of the foetus throughout its development in the womb. These models can be manipulated to help expectant parents understand what is happening from the moment of conception through to giving birth. The experience is completed by a voiceover and interaction points, allowing users to spend time exploring what is important to them.

Behind the Scenes

Life before birth was designed as part of the larger educational project by the Development Research Centre of the State Council and the Shanghai Medical Innovation & Development Foundation to improve China’s maternal care.

The experience educates both prospective parents and medical professionals outside of centralised giant hospitals as part of a drive to get parents to attend pregnancy education classes and important key checkups. 


Alexander Horton


David Barker

Realtime Supervisor

Bhaumik Patel

Creative annd Technical Lead

Elliot Graves

Alchemy Production

Vianney Comot

Executive Producers

Professor Guangzhong Yang
Dr. Bo Wang, Richard Han
Anthony Geffen

Unreal Engine Developer
Sargey Rose

Spatial Sound and Music
Mark Sayfritz


3D Artists
Frank Eagan
Jaime Fernandez-Muro
Matthew Baker-Jones
Stefan Mathez

Production Manager

Claire Buswell


Charlie Girdlestone

In Association With

New Frontiers Limited
Yinmo Information Technology Limited (IMM)
Shanghai Medical Innovation & Development Foundation
Shanghai Institute of Medical Quality