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Museum Alive Immersive

About Museum Alive Immersive

Guided by David Attenborough, select a scientifically accurate fossil from the museum and watch it come back to life in your own room, available now on Apple Vision Pro.

Explore the creatures world and discover fascinating facts about their habitats, food chains and how they met their fate. Packed full of detailed info packs, stunning images and videos spanning David's broadcasting life, Museum Alive is full of rich education-enriching entertaining content for all audiences.
Download Museum Alive Immersive with David Attenborough and get ready to witness long-extinct animals as you've never seen them before.
Meet the bizarre Opabinina, a strange fish-like creature with five eyes. See Dimorphodon, a pioneering flying dinosaur, soar through the air. Spy on the fearsome Smilodon on a hunt. Discover Archaeopteryx and its fossil before witnessing its bones pop up and take flight! Learn about these incredible creatures through the narration of Natural History Legend, David Attenborough.
Watch David Attenborough on his quests to discover more about these incredible animals. See David analyse the wings of the amazing flying dinosaur. Dive into the Cambrian sea to discover some of the worlds earliest life. Witness a Smilodon skeleton come alive and stalk through museum corridors.
Hunt for hotspots hidden around the creatures to learn about their lives. Discover what our planet looked like millions of years ago. Dive into scientific debates about how these animals may have looked and behaved. Find other animals that coexisted with the museum creatures.