Wellbeing app

About Seeden

Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and well-beingĀ 

Seeden is an app crafted to uplift your spirits, ignite eagerness to return, and fill you with pride for your achievements. We are believers in the impact of positive experiences, and Seeden reflects our commitment to creating an immersive AR experience that turns your mindful exercises into bespoke seeds, evolving into thriving plants.

Seeden features two proven mindfulness exercises, scientifically shown to slow heart rates and significantly enhance mental well-being when practised consistently. Every completed exercise contributes to the growth of a distinctive seed, evolving into an enchanting plant. The more exercises you conquer, the more your unique plant flourishes.

Augmented reality heightens engagement, providing a positive distraction and serving as a visual metaphor for your progress. The seed and plant become symbolic markers, signifying the commencement of your journey towards the direction you wish to explore. Seeden isn't just an app; it is a tool, there to help nurture your mental wellbeing.

As you reflect on your bespoke plant, a profound sense of achievement is our goal. Seeden transcends the mere completion of exercises; it's about planting seeds of positivity and witnessing them blossom into a beautiful representation of your well-being journey.

With Seeden, every exercise is a step towards flourishing, and every plant is a testament to your personal growth.