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Using breakthroughs in virtual production, experience what it feels like to sit inside the Soyuz Descent Capsule as it makes its journey back to earth.

Visitors to London’s Science Museum join the UK’s first ESA astronaut Tim Peake in a virtual reality descent from the International Space Station to the steppes of Kazakhstan, in the Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft.

In this 12-minute 360 degree 3D state-of-the-art virtual reality experience, visitors are transported inside one of the most enduring spacecraft of the modern age. Using the very latest in VR technology, viewers experience what it feels like to sit inside the Soyuz’s descent module as it makes its journey back to earth, traveling at speeds of over 7,000kph and reaching temperatures of around 1600ºC.

Created and produced by Atlantic Immersive, the experience was commissioned to accompany the Science Museum Group’s landmark acquisition of the Soyuz TMA-19M spacecraft for exhibition. The photo-realistic CG imagery is in such high resolution that it took 100 computers a 1 month to render the experience.



Executive Producer
Anthony Geffen

Creative Director
Mike Davis

Steve Gomez

Dr. Christopher Riley
Steve Gomez

Head of Production
Ian Syder

Line Producer
Tom Evans

Junior Production Manager
Jessica Cook

Production Secretary
Helen Osbourne

Sound Design
Gabriella Scanio
Celeste Bothwick

Motion Graphics
J.T. Child

Models & Textures
Johnny Jenkins

Visual Effects

Project Director
Jonathan Newby

Project Coordinator
Michelle Lockhart

Project Lead
Mark Cutmore

VR UX Consultant
Dave Patten

Doug Millard

With special thanks to
Tim Peak
European Space Agency
S.P. Koroley Rocket and Space Public Corporation
Rob Vanden Berg
Johnson Space Centre