The Bachelor King

Stunning 3D cinematography takes us into an extraordinary sub-Antartic island, home to six million penguins.

About The Bachelor King

Three years ago, the Bachelor King left home. He partied at sea – he adventured, he matured and now he is returning to the place where he was born and raised: Penguin City. This is one of the most densely-packed, sought-after pieces of real estate in the entire southern hemisphere and somehow he must establish his own place in it and find a mate.

Narrated by David Attenborough and shot over 6 months, using specially designed 3D cameras stereoscopic rigs, this story immerses the audience in a dramatic rite of passage tale in one of the last great frozen wildernesses in the world.

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Writer and Narrator
David Attenborough

Executive Producer
Anthony Geffen

Sias Wilson

Film Editor
Rob Hall

Director of Photography
Simon Niblett

DoP Stereographer
Paul Williams


James Edward Barker

Executive Producer for Sky 3D

Celia Taylor


Story Writer
Dan Oliver

Original Story
Richard Bedser

Dubbing Mixer
John Rogerson
Jonathan Rush

3D Online Editor/Colourist
Andrew Lee

3D Post Stereographer
Richard Lloyd

Underwater Cameraman
Hugh Miller

3D Stereo Technician
Danny Spencer

Digital Imaging Technician 
Kevin Zemrowsky

Associate Producer
Jason Roberts

Rupert Krapp
Oskar Strom
Martin Enckell

Director of Operations
Ruth Sessions

Production Co-Ordinator
Elizabeth Small

Trainee Co-Ordinator
Hugh Wilson

Sarah Barber

Development Assistant Producer
Jess Bird

Production Accountant
Vincent Pretorius

Business and Legal Affairs
Mimi Gilligan

Head of Commercial Affairs
Claudia Perkins

Facilities Manager
Matt Pearson

Unit Publicist
Jennifer Littlestone

VFX Supervisor
James Prosser

CG Supervisor
Matthew Baker-Jones

Aleksandra Czenczek
Sandra Roach

Operations Director
Andy Shelley

Post Production Producer
Ben McGuire

Technical Workflow Supervisor
Rik Tester

Online/VFX Editor
Miguel Caamano Riveiro
David Lozano Gonzalez

Assistant Online/VFX Editor
Jonathan Casey

Data Lab Supervisor
John Myers

Data Asset Co-Ordinator
Emily Johnson

Sound Design 
Alastair Sirkett

Stereo Supervisor
Chris Parks

Vision3 Producer
Natalie Samson

Ship’s Captain
Ben Wallis

Ship’s Crew
Skye Marr-Whelan
Magnus O’Grady

Technical Director
Richard Mills

Camera Hire Manager
Al Eales

Camera Hire Supervisor
Sam Higham

Conductor and Orchestration
Levine Andrade

Music Mixer
James Loughrey

Score Supervisor
Kirsty Andrew

Recording Supervisor
Charlie Andrew

Recording Engineer
Jan Holzner

Music Performed By
Prague Filmharmonic Orchestra and Choir

Scientific Consultant
Dr Phil Trathan

Additional Scientific Consultant
Jonathan Ashburner

BAS Press and PR
Heather Martin

South Georgia Heritage Trust
Alison Neil

With Thanks To
Footage Search
Discovery Access
BBC Motion Gallery