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The Coronation: Immersive AR Experience

About The Coronation: Immersive AR Experience

The groundbreaking The Coronation: Immersive AR Experience allows you to engage and  interact with two digital twins of the Coronation Crowns in your own home, supporting the  UK’s first 21st century Coronation. Available from April 27th exclusively on the Sky News App  and website.

Atlantic Productions, with thanks to the Royal Household, have created an immersive digital  experience that allows all those following the Coronation to interact with the very Crown  Jewels that will be used to crown King Charles III on Saturday 6th May. For the first time ever,  people around the world will be able to bring a digital twin of King Charles’ Coronation Crown  into their own homes. After Queen Consort Camilla’s remodeled Queen Mary’s Crown is  revealed on 6th May, its digital twin will be added to the AR experience. Available on  smartphones (Apple and Android) across the globe, this AR experience also gives people the  chance to enjoy the Regalia in unprecedented close-up three-dimensional detail.

To mark the beginning of a new reign, this immersive experience brings a 21st century  perspective to the Coronation, and the Regalia at the heart of this ancient ceremony dating  back a thousand years. The experience harnesses the very latest interactive technologies to  create an immersive AR experience that engages all ages, providing an inspiring way to  learn about these sacred, historic objects that are at the heart of the Coronation ceremony.

Atlantic Productions was able to capture for the first time a 1:1 scale digital twin of King  Charles’ Coronation Crown, the St. Edward’s Crown—as well as the Queen Consort’s  Crown, the Queen Mary’s Crown. This access allows users to put the Crowns onto their living room table, and then interact and learn about it. Users can look up close and move  around the gold, diamonds and precious stones and learn their history and magnificent  craftsmanship.

The AR experience also includes exclusive macro footage shot at the Tower of London of  other significant Crown Jewels: The Sword of Offering, The Sovereign’s Sceptre, the Coronation Spoon and the Sovereign’s Orb, the Ampulla.