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About Back to the Titanic

In this unique one-hour special, we dive down for the first time in nearly 15 years to the world’s most famous ship, RMS Titanic.

The programme follows Caladan Oceanic’s deep-ocean exploration team, led by explorer Victor Vescovo and included Titanic expert Parks Stephenson and marine ecologist Lori Johnson. A world-renowned team of experts and scientists examined the remains of Titanic, capturing for the first time extraordinary native 4K footage using specially adapted cameras, to produce footage and stills of the Titanic wreck as never been seen before. Using the submersible camera systems, the team performed dedicated photogrammetry passes on the wreck, allowing highly accurate and photoreal 3D models of RMS Titanic to be produced. The team observed one major area of deterioration, which was the officers’ quarters. This included the room of Captain Edward John Smith and discovered that the iconic Captain’s bathtub has now disappeared from view. Data from the dives has been analysed by Lori Johnson, who has accessed the state of the wreck, which is being slowly destroyed by metal eating bacteria and strong currents.


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